Meet $ir Williams: “I simply make music that I love and hope it inspires someone else to make their own music. I may not be the best singer or the best producer but you don’t have to be. I make sure it’s known that music is a different language than we all speak. Life Reflected […]

Brian Barwick was drawn to music at a very young age. His earliest memories are of him sitting in front of the radio, watching the analog VU meters jump, and being completely fascinated by the sounds coming out of it. Being raised in Church, where music was a way of life, would only serve to further his […]

Nae wrote this track to put his feelings into words and to encourage/keep himself motivated when he was going through some tough times. At times Nae felt like he was worthless, but he didn’t give up and kept trying until he succeeded, and he wants others to hear this song “illuminate” and know not to […]

Ray Dinero is an American recording artist creating waves on the independent music scene. A budding musician, Ray Dinero is no stranger to putting in hard work and is sure to reach his goals sooner than later! You can hear Ray Dinero’s vybe banger “All Talk” on Vybed Out Radio now, playing in our Vybe […]

Prince Ferg and Meducation are two Hip-Hop Artists and Producers that have been close friends since elementary school, and started making music together when they were just 12 years old. When they were 16 years old, they started taking their music seriously, and are releasing their best music yet. In March 2020 they showed off […]

We got a chance to catch up with the up and coming rapper in the 6ix better known as, Southstyez who’s currently bringing the positive and old school vibes back.  Southstylez has been freestyling for a while now, and decided to take his talents to the studio where he recorded his first track (Get It […]

TXM1 is a 21-year-old artist, currently making waves in London, England. His infectious style can have you singing along with his melodies before the first chorus ends! TXM1 is a true Vybe Creator, no doubt. Be sure to check out TXM1’s new song “Canada” featuring D.O on Vybed Out Radio now, playing in both our […]

8 Soul, is a Toronto based artist who’s passion for music started to emerge at an early age when he heard his first rap album, Jay Z’s – Life and Times of S. Carter vol 3. He’s created a vybe of his own undoubtedly and continues to win listeners over with his smooth, but melodic style. […]

John Cruz, formally known as the Lazyass Pupil, is an American recording artist, songwriter, and engineer from Tampa, Florida.  His sounds include Trip-Hop, Reggaeton, Heavy Bass & Trap music. You can hear the Lazyass Pupil’s hit banger “Sad Bitch” on Vybed Out Radio now, playing in our Vybe playlist! Follow and stay connected with the […]

Who is NyuKyung, you ask? Let me inform you… Who is NyuKyung? A driven, passionate and thoroughbred individual raised in the slums of Tacoma, who refuses to be labeled, shackled down or let life hold him down; with a melodic fast flow croon that hits just as hard on the track as on the field. […]

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