Teresa Baleri is a 22-year-old medical student from Girona, Spain, who started writing at the age of 7, mostly poetry… She defines herself as a “feelings machine”. Teresa Baleri has been looking for ways to liberate her soul throughout the years, and now, by making music, she has never felt better. The young artist started […]

Amilia Riviglia was born in Vaughan, Ontario Canada on April 15,1999. She began singing at 7 years old. As she grew older, her joy for singing developed and she started working as a singer and songwriter. In 2019, she took a step forward in her music career and began to work on her first song, […]

Led by Genie on vocals, Sputnik The Band include Mic Rains on guitar, Pemberton Roach on bass, the infamous Nigel Rawles on the traps, Joe Drew on trumpet and keys and Mark Piro on piano. “These guys inspire a mixture of pop, powered interplay with dreamy & irresistible melodies.” Sputnik the Band is quickly on […]

Marchelle was born in Guam with a rare condition that causes the organs to grow outside of the body called gastroschisis. This required her emergency flight to Hawaii where doctors spent a couple of months shrinking her organs and putting them inside her body. By age 3 she moved to Bremerton, WA, a small town […]

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