Get to Know: “Livv Megan”

Written by on December 12, 2022

Get to Know: “Livv Megan”

Livv Megan is making waves on the scene with her free-flowing tunes.

Nothing less than what we like to call a “Vybe Creator,” Livv Megan delivers positive and fun energy to listeners with songs that are sure to get you moving and truly feeling the vybe!

Who is Livv Megan?

Livv Megan "Money Talks" music video shoot 1

“My name is Livv Megan and I was born in Los Angeles, California.

All my life I was hesitant to sing and perform because I never thought that my voice would be good enough.

The first instrument that I received was a keyboard, I would stay up until midnight trying to learn songs by ear or create catchy tunes (I was about 7 years old).

Fast forward to high school a girl was selling her ukulele because she did not want it anymore.

I took one look and fell in love.

My parents were apprehensive to help me purchase it because they didn’t know if I would play it, or leave it laying around.

To convince them to buy it for me I learned a song in one day by ear and played it for them (somewhere over the rainbow).

They decided to get it for me and from there I never stopped wanting to write songs.

It was not until I was about 22 years old that I started taking interest in professionally recording music because I became extremely depressed after a 5-year breakup and needed a coping mechanism.

I met a music producer in a college class and he quickly became a mentor and still one of my greatest friends until this day.

I sucked SO BAD at singing when I first started but I wanted to keep trying because it was something that fascinated me.

I pride myself most in my lyrics.

If you take a listen it is not just generic or basic writing, all of my songs tell a story or set a mood and that is something I hope people also notice when they listen to my music.”

Where to find Livv Megan…

Soon to be an indie pop icon, Livv Megan delivers the raw and authentic feeling into fun ukulele songs.

You’re truly missing out if she isn’t already on your playlist!

Tune in to Vybed Out Radio to hear Livv Megan’s music and be sure to check her out on your favorite streaming platform.

Make sure to check out her music video for “Money Talks” above and catch her songs such as “Money Talks,” “Things You Never Saw,” & “Fresh Air” playing in our Pop’n’Roll and Vybe segments.

Livv Megan is an artist that continues to evolve and we expect to continue seeing great things from her.

Livv Megan "Money Talks" music video shoot 2

Connect with Livv Megan by clicking here!

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