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Please tell me you didn’t release this release… 8 SOUL just dropped “TIZZY,” his newest (and undeniable) banger! This is definitely one of our favorite tracks by the recording artist on the rise. Check out 8 SOUL’s hit song “TIZZY” on Vybed Out Radio now, playing in both our Vybe and Hip-Hop/Rap playlists! Stay connected […]

ALMI is a Canadian-Bengali rapper, artist, & a songwriter who is born and raised in Scarborough (East End of Toronto). He is an upcoming rap artist who started his musical journey back in college with strong motivation when he was writing poetry and freestyling in the streets.  From the age of 7, ALMI has been […]

There are few 20 year old recording artists who could rival Brisbane based, Iraqi born rapper, Off-Purp. Off-Purp has amassed a great amount of success and is making his mark on the Australian rap scene, one city at a time.  Off-Purp has been writing and recording music since the age of 14 and has written […]

JFROMTHEVILLE released his new club banger “Let Me Know” and fans are going wild! Don’t be the last to hear it! Check out JFROMTHEVILLE’s new banger “Let Me Know” on Vybed Out Radio now, playing in our Vybe playlist! Follow JFROMTHEVILLE on Instagram: @_jfromtheville_ Submit your music to Vybed Out Radio today, or click here […]

8 SOUL is back with his highly anticipated hit, Ventilate! Pure Vybe music from start to finish with dope bars to match. You can hear 8 SOUL’s vybe banger “Ventilate” on Vybed Out Radio now, playing in both our Vybe and Hip-Hop/Rap playlists! Stay connected with 8 SOUL online: InstagramTwitter Submit your music to Vybed […]

Meet $ir Williams: “I simply make music that I love and hope it inspires someone else to make their own music. I may not be the best singer or the best producer but you don’t have to be. I make sure it’s known that music is a different language than we all speak. Life Reflected […]

A. Lexx is a Georgia native and grew up mostly in Maryland. She’s also a full-time student at Morgan State University majoring in Communications. Music is the one thing that makes A. Lexx happy because she can sing/rap about hear thoughts. It’s also a gift she would like to share with the world. “I hope […]

Get to know rap artist, J~Black: “What’s up guys? My name is J~Black and I am an independent artist with not only the potential but the motivation to change the rap game. Not saying I am better than everyone else, by all means I know that I have a long way to go. But I […]

Brian Barwick was drawn to music at a very young age. His earliest memories are of him sitting in front of the radio, watching the analog VU meters jump, and being completely fascinated by the sounds coming out of it. Being raised in Church, where music was a way of life, would only serve to further his […]

A1 Dozier is a local independent artist, based in Tallahassee Florida. A1’s Single “A1 Flyy” is a great track, has a smooth vibe. Let’s help push it all the way to the top! Listen to A1 Dozier’s new song “A1 Flyy” on Vybed Out Radio now, playing in both our Hip-Hop/Rap and Vybe playlists! Stay […]

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