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Self Proclaimed ‘Sylar of Dancehall’ Wicked Penman is Here to Bring You Quality Vibes and Groovy Rhymes London-born Jamaican bred and the self-proclaimed ‘Sylar of Dancehall’ Wicked Penman is here to bring you quality vibes and groovy rhymes. In short, it’s all about music that makes you think, dance, and laugh; maybe even all three […]

Rich Chambers’ Socially Conscious Rocker Gaining Traction Rich Chambers’ socially conscious rocker, “I’m So Tired,” has been gaining momentum on both the airwaves and the web. The single is breaking through on the US college radio circuit as well as making headway on independent radio throughout Europe and North America. It is also receiving stellar […]

HowFlyy & Qui-Gon Jae get lifted with new single and visual on “LOUD PACK” Summertime is nearly here and HowFlyy and Qui-Gon Jae are ready to swim in the LOUD PACK. The latest single from California‚Äôs most-wanted rappers will remind you of cruising through your hometown, lifted and free. LOUD PACK is assisted with a […]

A Kid with a Nostalgic Aura: Stanley Ray February 2, 2020, a regular winter evening in Downtown LA, Stanley Ray is about to hit one month since he released his debut album, “BabyBoy”. Every day consists of online promo, shooting photoshoots, self-shot photoshoots, trying to book as many podcasts as he can, and now also […]

(NEW MUSIC ALERT) “Victory” Album is Out Now! Here is an upcoming amazing artist with great music and so much to hear from her latest album Victory.

Get to Know: Brenner Bianco Brenner Bianco, Musician, singer, composer, producer, and guitarist. His first influences as a guitarist were Joe Satriani and Larry Carlton, determination and talent define his work over more than twenty years of his career. Brenner was born in Juiz de Fora, and since childhood, he showed a talent for music. […]

Get to Know: Kamil “BIG CHOZE” Jones Coming from the country south, Kamil Jones is a versatile artist with witty lyrics and a heart for the music. He began making music in 2012 and has been learning the game since. After dropping his first EP titled That’s Euphoria, he proceeded to create music that would […]

Introducing: Martin Toe and his recent studio release: Civic Leader. Martin Toe is a singer and artist with a focus on creating music that blurs the lines between hip-hop and AfroBeat. Martin is very passionate about his music, and he wants to inspire others and share some powerful stories with his songs. His sound is […]

The Emergence of Southern California Musician Grazie Pennacchio Coming from the Southern California Music scene, Grazie Pennacchio is emerging as a brand new artist leading the way with his genre-bending music from pop with distorted guitars to punk and rap with heavy guitars. Grazie Pennacchio is leading the way to become the sound of the […]

(NEW MUSIC ALERT) Popstar Izzy Releases “Don’t Lie” The vibrant new indie-pop artist, Izzy, has just released a new summer classic titled “Don’t Lie”. This song features an upbeat rhythm, a “stuck in your head all day” chorus melody, and lyrics with substance. This song is available on all major streaming platforms. “Don’t Lie” was […]

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