Get To Know: “King R.O.D.”

Written by on February 18, 2021

Get To Know: “King R.O.D.”

“Roderick Halsey AKA King Rod started his label H1DD3N music group over a decade ago. It all started in the church where he would be leading songs at the age of 8. Coming from a family of singers & musicians made Rod’s excitement & curiosity for music increase.  As he grew older his love for RnB & hip hop would be awakened. He would begin playing YouTube instrumentals to sharpen his rap skills. A couple of years ago King Rod made a vow that he would take his artist career seriously. His music is simply life music & storytelling mixed with social campaigns. King Rod says, “ I don’t just want fans… I want to motivate, inspire those who sometimes feel hopeless, worthless & help them find their purpose in life. That’s what my music reflects. My music empowers the underdogs, the unwanted, the forgotten. I’m here to awaken the champion in them”. From witty rap bars to melodic soul RnB, you’ll both eat & enjoy everything he puts on the menu. So get your utensils, a listening ear & enjoy  real music that satisfies.”

You can vybe to King R.O.D.’s new songs, “Discernment,” & “Rib” on Vybed Out Radio now, playing in our Hip-Hop/Rap & Pop’n’Roll playlists, respectively!

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