Get To Know: “Jonny K”

Written by on February 10, 2021

Get To Know: “Jonny K”

Meet Jonny K:

“First & foremost GO BUCS !!
Im better known as Tripp or Jonny by my friends and family. I am a newly owner of record label THC ENT LLC. I just released a new mixtape on YouTube “Tripp -Going Global”
I couldn’t sell music as TRIPP so My stage name is now Jonny K. My new single “ICANFLY” Basically is talkin about  how im fighting to make it around people that don’t want me to win unless its by they terms. I use God frequently and the light in my tracks as well cause ima God child. To say the least im Unique and versatile With a real story to tell.”
Jonny K

Jonny K Collage Artwork by @Yzm.iii

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