Month: February 2021

Flow-90 Puts His City On His Back With His Soulful Conscious Sounds! Flow-90 is an upcoming recording artist from Providence, Rhode Island. The first rapper he ever listened to was Jay-Z, becoming so inspired that he traded his water yoyo for a copy of “The Blueprint 2.” Flow-90 is also inspired by the likes of […]

Get To Know: “King R.O.D.” “Roderick Halsey AKA King Rod started his label H1DD3N music group over a decade ago. It all started in the church where he would be leading songs at the age of 8. Coming from a family of singers & musicians made Rod’s excitement & curiosity for music increase.  As he […]

Get To Know: “Jonny K” Meet Jonny K: “First & foremost GO BUCS !! Im better known as Tripp or Jonny by my friends and family. I am a newly owner of record label THC ENT LLC. I just released a new mixtape on YouTube “Tripp -Going Global” I couldn’t sell music as TRIPP so […]

[New Music Alert] Scar Nitti Let’s Us Know About “Success Pains” “Scar Nitti is no stranger to hard work and dedication. Being influenced by Hip-Hop legends such as Nas, Scarface, Az, Kool G Rap, & Rick Ross just to name a few; Scar Nitti has spent years perfecting his craft to finally release a highly […]

Get To Know: “STS J Lou” “STS J Lou has come a long way. Still in his late teens, the rapper talks a lot about love, depression, addiction, and many of the obstacles he had to overcome. Not only are his melodies and rhymes superb, but the kid makes/engineers all his music on a phone. […]

Get To Know: “Koffiam” “Koffiam, Born Koffi Amany, is a producer, beatmaker, and artist based in Montreal Canada since 2014. Born and raised in Ivory Coast (West Africa), he taught himself how to make beats online to be able to produce his own songs. He makes mostly alternative Hip-Hop Music a lot inspired by Kid […]

Get To Know: “Stefano Pesapane” Meet Stefano Pesapane: “Born in Latina (Italy) on 25th January 1962, I started playing drums at the age of 8 and by the age of 16, I was playing in nightclubs. I had former schooling in music at St. Louis Music School in Rome (1977-81) and my Certificate of Completion […]

[New Music Alert] Rambo4thousand is Back With Some New Wavy Tracks! “Rambo4thousand is another artist from California born in the small town of Reedley. What separates him from any other artist is his unique styles, rhythm, and his voice. Rambo plans on changing the regular old standards from making music. His music style varies and […]

Get To Know: “Gilan” Meet Gilan: “I am a singer/songwriter living in the outskirts of London. Having grown up in the Middle East under much stricter conditions, as soon as I moved back to the UK I have been making music, performing in various bands. I have been performing my solo music on various acoustic […]

Get To Know: “Craymo” “Craymo is an award-winning indie-pop singer/songwriter from Orlando, Florida. Take It Slow (Gotta Say Hey) is featured on his recent EP Love Power which recently won Best Indie EP in the Fall 2020 Clouzine International Music Awards.  Craymo was also a finalist for Best US Male Songwriter in the 2020 International […]

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