Get To Know: “Livv Megan”

Written by on October 17, 2020

Get To Know: “Livv Megan”

“My name is Livv Megan and I am a musician, singer, songwriter, producer, born in Los Angeles California. I started recording music In 2018. I enjoy working out, playing soccer, I go to school, I work, and I am an independent artist who is the creator of all my music video and song concepts. So yes, I am a very busy person. I got my first ukulele in high school and it was something that definitely inspired me to start writing songs. A few years into college I was surprised with a recording software kit. When I first started I was absolutely terrible, but I was so passionate, so I kept going. Music helped me through tough times, and has helped me express happiness as well. It was a surprise to me to be endorsed by Drake Bell because I never knew that people even noticed a small independent artist such as myself. My new single Fallin has attracted new attention and I’m really excited for new opportunities coming. Expect a music video for Fallin within these next few months! Follow me on Instagram as @livv_megan for more updates!! A fun fact about myself is everything I do is by ear. I don’t know any musical notes and I am not trained at all musically or vocally. And also I do have a bit of stage freight even though I never seem like I am nervous. Pre Corona I used to perform more often.”

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