Get To Know: “Krewsifix”

Written by on October 16, 2020

Get To Know “Krewsifix”

“Krewsifix is a New Jersey based artist who makes music that carries a powerful yet heavy vibe, wielding his own form of originality. His music has the ability to reach a multitude of people and is able to resonate with a variety of listeners in many different genres. Versatility is very important for his style of music, writing, and recording. Each song holds its own vibe, whether that may be heartfelt or the type of music you can bump in your car on the way to a friend’s house. All around there is a seat for everybody to listen to! Some notable influences that inspire and play a detrimental key in his music are Logic, Eminem, Witt Lowry, NF, Machine Gun Kelly, Hopsin, and many more names that not only Krewsifix, but many other artists look up to as well. While there are plenty of well-known, highly credible musicians to name for inspirational motivation, there were many situations and incidences that he faced every day growing up. One stands out in particular, in 2017 one of his friends passed away, prompting him to write the song “Long Live You”, shedding light on what depression, trauma and struggles with anxiety can feel like, letting the listener directly relate through a first-person perspective.

Krewsifix has been writing music for as long as he can remember. In his early life, he always knew that this was what he wanted to do until air no longer flowed through his lungs. In school, out of school, and everywhere in between all he ever did was write either music, stories, or poems on a daily basis. Filling up folders upon folders of creativity and passion knowing he would be able to put it to use one day. It wasn’t until he fully learned how to harness his pain and struggles, using them to add fuel to the fire that was burning in his heart, that he hit the ground running and really sunk his teeth into the game. He went on to play his first show ever at the age of seventeen making headlines in his local newspaper. Later, he released his third single “Young God” which was a milestone in his beginning career. A short while later he had some unforeseen emergencies that arose affecting his mental health, he, unfortunately, had no other choice but to tend to himself and put his music career on pause, bettering his health to pursue a brighter future.

Currently, Krewsifix is working on a new single “Nervous Stomach” zeroing in on some of his current demons and struggles he has been facing, which is set to release sometime in late October. Leading up to the reveal of his first EP.”

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