King Fatai is the Poet and Artist You’ve Been Longing For!

Written by on September 26, 2020

Fatai A Williams is a Nigerian American poet, artist, author, and entrepreneur from Jersey City, NJ. Doing what he loves and loving what he does; every song is a puzzle piece to the picture of the life that he’s painting. He is considered to be a motivational artist and poet. He started off as a writer of poetry at which he published his first book “A Secondary King” which is a book of life through poetry. He then transitioned into music and started to share his poetry and life experiences through another form of art. Come on the journey and get to know King Fatai through his music and the powerful words he speaks! His latest music release is Victory Thon (Victorious Journey) which explores his journey and experiences in vivid detail. Available on all major streaming platforms! 

King Fatai’s official cover art for Victory Thon

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