Month: September 2020

Fatai A Williams is a Nigerian American poet, artist, author, and entrepreneur from Jersey City, NJ. Doing what he loves and loving what he does; every song is a puzzle piece to the picture of the life that he’s painting. He is considered to be a motivational artist and poet. He started off as a writer of […]

SOUTHSTYLEZ, also recognized as Toronto’s hottest new up and coming hip-hop artist, is sure to blow after his latest EP “Music in my Mind.” Up and coming rapper in the 6ix, better known as SOUTHSTYLEZ, is bringing old school hip-hop back. From freestyling as a kid to dropping his first record ‘Get It In Time’ […]

Get to Know: “Cam the Product” “I’m a Bay Area artist living in the Upper North Shore of Sydney Australia. I make music to motivate and inspire, telling the story of my own grind from the hood of one country to the suburbs of a completely different country.” Cam the Product is an artist you […]

King Sauvage teamed up with Dave Mac to create a beautifully executed tribute song for his late mother. This is a song that needs to be on your most listened to playlist now! Follow King Sauvage on Instagram to stay updated! He has more great music to come: @_._kingsauvage

Get To Know: “Jay Solstice” “Jay Solstice, 27, is a rapper from Camden, NJ and he is on a mission. Inspired by sounds and artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, and Tory Lanez, Jay Solstice shows how adaptable he is in showing many different styles while using his pinpoint lyricism in order to give […]

Get To Know: “Taylan” “I didn’t set out to send a message with my music.  I make the kind of electronic music that I always wanted to hear. Crazy. Sexy. Elegant. Nostalgic. Melodies molded to my scars. Basslines that heal them. Maybe you’ve needed to hear them too.” Taylan is an exceptional artist with music that […]

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