You’re Already Missing Out If You Don’t Know Upcoming Popstar, Nika Blu!

Written by on July 4, 2020

Known to family as Veronika and Angelina, Nika Blu and Jolina became involved in music at early ages. The young artists’ mother, international equestrian Olympian athlete Liubov Kochetova has always loved music and passed the passion on to both her daughters. “We all enjoy music and I would love for that to be a big part of my girls’ lives,” she says. Through many years of hard work, passion, and dedication, the artists’ mother has achieved her dream of attending top international equestrian competitions including the 2008 Hong Kong Summer Olympic Games. Nika Blu and younger sister Jolina find their mom’s story of hard work and perseverance greatly inspiring and hope to accomplish great things both in the Equestrian and music worlds.

Taking vocal lessons continuously for several years, Nika Blu and Jolina took a step up in their singing in 2016 by starting to work with a professional music studio in South Florida. With the help of their vocal instructor, Nika Blu and Jolina recorded many cover pop songs over the course of 3 years. The thrilling recording experience at their studio along with the girls’ strong passion for music led to the making of several original songs by the young artists in 2019. It was during that time that the girls decided on their artist names, “Nika Blu” and “Jolina”, inspired partially by their original names. “We want our artist names to be entirely unique and also to represent who we are,” the girls said.

Nika Blu plans to release her singles “Mine Tonight” and “All Along” in 2020 along with a duet by both girls called “Constellate.” Jolina’s single, “In Return,” is scheduled to be released around the same time. Residing in Palm Beach, Florida, Nika Blu and Jolina are continuing with their vocal lessons while looking forward to recording and releasing more tracks digitally and physically, as well as creating YouTube videos for their songs. These girls are surely on track to become Pop superstars!

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