Get To Know: “LA NUCCI”

Written by on June 24, 2020

Get To Know: “LA NUCCI”

“From a young age music has always been my favorite type of art. I admire how a music artist can express their life story and share their strongest emotional feelings. I have always believed that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. I feel like music is the most powerful art that connects us to our spiritual nature. Whether it’s RnB and hip hop or pop music it helps us reconnect us to our essence.

I do not go a day without listening to music, it is impossible. Music uplifts my spirits and makes me go by every day. I have always loved listening to music but never had the intention to make music until one day in summer 2019 when I ended up messing around in a recording studio with my friends in Norwich. We were rapping and singing to some instrumentals we found on youtube and just started performing by freestyling and just catching a vibe. For me this is where it all began, I felt natural and relaxed whilst performing. Never did I know that I was actually decent until my friends told me that I sound good and have the ability to create chorus’ by using catchy melodies and can flow on the beat nicely. From that day I decided to start making my own music and going by the name LA NUCCI!

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