Month: April 2020

DeAngelo aka Dlomickey is a hip-hop artist based in Saint Louis, MO. Dlomickey picked up early from his family on how to survive in Saint Louis but what he also picked up on was the music aspect of his friends and family. Sitting back watching them record tracks and learning but never put any out […]

Ray Dinero is an American recording artist creating waves on the independent music scene. A budding musician, Ray Dinero is no stranger to putting in hard work and is sure to reach his goals sooner than later! You can hear Ray Dinero’s vybe banger “All Talk” on Vybed Out Radio now, playing in our Vybe […]

Viiberson is an artist hailing from Alberta, Canada who first started making waves with a series of singles on SoundCloud. He possesses a unique voice and a variety of flows that contribute to a dynamic and varied approach to music. Viiberson builds upon this varied approach to music with influence from legends such as Kid […]

Nerva is a recording artist, songwriter, record producer & entrepreneur from BROWARD COUNTY, Florida. In 2012, he gave his life to Jesus Christ and has decided to use his talents to glorify God. Nerva’s aim is to create music, but with a greater purpose – which is to bring glory to the Most High! Check […]

Prince Ferg and Meducation are two Hip-Hop Artists and Producers that have been close friends since elementary school, and started making music together when they were just 12 years old. When they were 16 years old, they started taking their music seriously, and are releasing their best music yet. In March 2020 they showed off […]

Saam B is a true soccer fanatic, with FC Barcelona being his favorite team. Ever since he can remember, Saam B has been singing and writing songs. One might even say music is his heart’s truest passion! Nevertheless, Saam B is an independent artist to check out if you need some nice vybez in your […]

Teresa Baleri is a 22-year-old medical student from Girona, Spain, who started writing at the age of 7, mostly poetry… She defines herself as a “feelings machine”. Teresa Baleri has been looking for ways to liberate her soul throughout the years, and now, by making music, she has never felt better. The young artist started […]

Dred Gator is a Florida based rap artist born in Miami, FL but raised in Orlando, FL. After dashed dreams as an NFL star, Dred Gator started his rap career. In doing so creating his own lane with a street demeanor but very lyrical content, possessing positive messages and true-life experiences. His heartfelt energetic delivery […]

Justin Strickland is an upcoming rapper from Algonac, MI. He started rapping as AlphaWolf on Aug 20th, 2017 but you might know him now as “Gho$ta” which he goes by now as of October 8th, 2018. No stranger to consistency, Gho$ta has countless projects available to stream worldwide on your favorite platform! Check out Gho$ta’s […]

We got the scoop on phenomenal artist, 1Twiss, from Alexander Stanilla: “1Twiss is an independent hip-hop artist and producer. Born Raheem Damarea Kirkling, 1Twiss and his two brothers were raised by his sister in Decatur, Ga while they struggled to make ends meet. 1Twiss began making music when he was 12 but got caught up […]

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