Month: March 2020

If one thing is for certain, it’s that Tallahassee is home to some of the best collabs! The artists JacqFrost and Krucial got together in this crisp video (shot by @acharlieskyfilm) to speak some facts about being a real ride or die homie. JacqFrost x Krucial – Life Under Violence (LUV) Follow JacqFrost and Krucial […]

lilTekaVlone has fans going crazy for his new project, Nothing Into Something. We were lucky enough to get a couple of his hits on our station! You can hear lilTekaVlone’s songs “Day N Night” and “Inthespot” on Vybed Out Radio now, playing in our Vybe and Hip-Hop playlists! Follow and stay connected with lilTekaVlone: InstagramTwitter […]

Izzy DTM introduces us to him and his upcoming producer/rapper team from Harrisburg, PA who are currently burning up the streets with their new smash hit, All Facts! Its Mellow vibe mix coupled with the punchlines works damn near too well and leaves us with a high-on-life feeling wanting more. You can hear the banger […]

8 Soul, is a Toronto based artist who’s passion for music started to emerge at an early age when he heard his first rap album, Jay Z’s – Life and Times of S. Carter vol 3. He’s created a vybe of his own undoubtedly and continues to win listeners over with his smooth, but melodic style. […]

John Cruz, formally known as the Lazyass Pupil, is an American recording artist, songwriter, and engineer from Tampa, Florida.  His sounds include Trip-Hop, Reggaeton, Heavy Bass & Trap music. You can hear the Lazyass Pupil’s hit banger “Sad Bitch” on Vybed Out Radio now, playing in our Vybe playlist! Follow and stay connected with the […]

Kphu Shameer is a rap artist living in Los Angeles, California. He has music available on Spotify, Tidal, Amazon,  Apple Music, and iHeartradio. You can hear Kphu Shameer’s single“HardHeaded 1” produced by Insanebeatz on Vybed Out Radio now, playing in our Hip-Hop/Rap playlist! Stay connected with Kphu Shameer: InstagramTwitter Submit your music to Vybed Out […]

AZ Clique is a rap group that’s putting the Arizona rap scene back on the map. They always approach their songs with originality, and focus on flows and wordplay that can’t be copied! AZ Clique is on the rise across the nation, showing that rap groups can still exist and flourish in this era of […]

WES is an unusual hybrid producer of a style of music he calls “Qlimate” music, a cousin to our own genre, “Vybe” music. He says that this type of music is simply, “Whatever you feel; music is feeling, so it’s any and everything.” WES uses this style of music to cross melodies and basslines of familiar […]

Joffery is a musical melting pot- just like his home of Canada is, culturally. He had a passion for singing, performing and writing from an early age. The Vancouver native always drew his ideas and inspiration from the many flavors around him, but it wasn’t until graduating high school that his journey led him to […]

Marchelle was born in Guam with a rare condition that causes the organs to grow outside of the body called gastroschisis. This required her emergency flight to Hawaii where doctors spent a couple of months shrinking her organs and putting them inside her body. By age 3 she moved to Bremerton, WA, a small town […]

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