C Rex Brings that Nostalgia You’ve Been Craving!

Written by on February 22, 2020

Who is C Rex? C Rex is an upcoming Hip Hop and R&B artist who brings back old school with a little bit of new school using the art of soul in his music. In the past, he’s released over 10 mixtapes and he put out his first official EP called “The Red EP” on October 31, 2019. Currently, C Rex is working on his second EP called “The Red Chronicles”. He’s also got a couple more projects like singles and more mixtapes in the works so get ready to experience chill, thrill, & fire from his heart! There is no doubt that you will learn more about his truth, love, and pain in his music. If you listen and like his music get excited because C Rex will start touring in 2020!

C Rex’s song “The Last” featuring Breana Marin and produced by DreamLife Beats is now streaming on Vybed Out Radio. Check it out below!

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